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Brake Pad Replacement

Its winter in Folsom and that means that what little rain we will get will make the roads slick. Every year, California receives very little rain. As such, oils accumulate on the surface of roads. When it rains, the oils leach out onto the road and accumulate, mixing with the rain water. As a result, the first rains are especially slick.

While tires and treading will prevent you from slipping and sliding on the roads, this is a good time to take stock on your brake pads. Having worn-out brake pads can be dangerous as you drive you and your loved ones around town or road trip for the holidays. At Shannon Family Auto, we are happy to assist you in replacing your brakes. Our certified mechanics have years of experience dealing with Honda and Toyota brake systems. Drive safely in the roads around Folsom and Sacramento — schedule an appointment today by visiting our website or calling at 916-985-9800.


There are a few different ways to tell whether you need to replace your brake pads, but one of the most obvious ways is to visually check the brake pads. They should be visible between the wheel’s spokes. If you can see less than ¼ inch of the padding, be sure to schedule an appointment with an auto mechanic. If you have more than ¼ inch of the brake padding, then you should be in the clear.

Another way to check to see if you need to replace your brake pads is by listening to your car as it breaks. Most brake pads have a small piece in the brake pad called an indicator. The indicator will create a high-pitched, screeching noise. If you hear this noise frequently when you hit the breaks, be sure to schedule an appointment with an auto mechanic.


Other signs that you need to replace your brakes can be obvious or rather subtle. If you are having trouble coming to a stop with your car or there is reduced responsiveness, there may be an issue with the brake pads or the braking system. If it is the braking system, chances are there may be a puddle of fluid under your car, indicating that there is a leak in the brake system.

If your vehicle starts favoring one side or moving toward a specific side when you break, this is often a sign of uneven wear on the brake pads. If you notice that this is occurring, it is time to replace your brake pads.

Having regular car maintenance and tune-ups can prevent any emergencies or accidents related to worn brake pads. If you have a Toyota or Honda in the Sacramento area, consider taking it to Shannon Family Auto. Our excellent service and attention to detail will ensure that your brake inspection and any brake repairs we perform will be done efficiently and effectively. Visit our website to schedule an appointment or call us today at 916-985-9800 for more information.

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