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Car Repairs You Can Do Yourself

For some, working on cars is an unfathomable undertaking. However, many non-auto experts have found that some routine maintenance tasks and repairs can be done quickly and without too much confusion or trouble. Whether you are trying to be more frugal or trying to branch out and expand your skill set, here are a few car repairs you can do yourself. And if your car is in need of repair but you don’t feel up to the challenge, be sure to contact the professionals at Shannon Family Automotive. We are Folsom’s go-to auto repair center!


When the engine sucks in air—which it needs to do to function properly—the air filter keeps dirt and other particles from getting into this feed. Dirty filters can affect gas mileage as well as overall engine performance. Replacing your air filter is a rather simple process. In fact, it is as simple as removing a lid, removing the old filter, putting the new one in (be sure that it’s facing the same direction), and then returning the lid to its designated spot.


Not changing your oil can cause contamination and ultimately affect the performance of your engine. As a general rule of thumb, oil changes should be performed every 3,000–7,000 miles—experts suggest 3,000, but with oil and cars becoming increasingly efficient, some say you can put this off even longer. When changing the oil, be sure that the engine is completely cooled, and make sure that it is properly jacked-up and secured. This can be a dirty job, but given the money you can save and the accomplishment you’ll likely feel, this is a very doable DIY maintenance routine.


If you’ve never installed new wiper blades, you will likely be amazed at how simple the process is. Though the design and setup can differ from car to car, for the most part, the steps are always the same. First, lift the blade up. Next, unhitch the blade from the arm, paying particularly close attention to how it is connected, and then fasten on the new blades. If you have any trouble with this, most of the boxes on the new blades will give specific and detailed instructions.


A good battery and solid battery connections are vital to your car’s performance—and your sanity. To keep your battery in good working condition, you’ll want to remove any white, crunchy residue or buildup that might have gathered around your terminals. You can clean the post by simply pouring some Coca-Cola or baking soda/water mixture on them.

Additionally, if this doesn’t solve the issue and you find that your battery is need of replacement, this is also a relatively simple process. It’s as easy as unscrewing the battery from its mount, removing the terminals—disconnect the negative before the positive—cleaning the terminals, replacing the battery, and re-securing all the mounts and connecting the terminals.

If you are ever uncomfortable or unsure about what you’re doing or the job you have done, be sure to get your work verified by a trusted auto mechanic. Let one of the experienced staff members of Shannon Family Automotive be that trusted professional. We are a family business that takes great pride in delivering superior customer service and automotive repair and maintenance. Schedule an appointment today!

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