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What is That Leak?—Auto Repair Tips

If you are a longtime vehicle owner, at some point, you have likely encountered a mysterious leak. As you likely know, most leaks are not to be ignored. While a leak does not signal the demise of your car, it can indicate an issue that should immediately be addressed—before it becomes a bigger and more costly issue.

In today’s blog, we at Shannon Family Auto would like to provide you with a quick guide to help you diagnose any puddle that you may spot under your car. If you spot a leak and need assistance determining the severity of the leak, contact us! We specialize in auto repairs and routine maintenance for Honda, Acura, Toyota, and Lexus.


Typically located near the front of the car near the engine, a transmission fluid leak will generally have a red or brown color and appear as thick as oil. If you notice this, it likely means that you have a hole in your line or an issue with a transmission seal.


Brake fluid is brown or dark yellow in appearance and has a thick, oily texture. If you spot a puddle of what you think to be brake fluid, it needs to be addressed immediately. You may even want to get your car towed to an auto repair shop. Driving with leaky brake lines is flirting with disaster.


Although oil leaks are common, they are a very serious auto problem that should be remedied ASAP. Ignoring an oil leak is a sure way to end up at a mechanic’s shop receiving some bad news regarding your engine. New oil will have a lighter, yellow appearance. Whereas old oil will be a dark brown or even black color. Also, oil will have a very distinct smell. If you spot an oil leak, get your vehicle to a mechanic right away.

Other potential leaks might include gas, water, power steering fluid, antifreeze, and more. If you spot a puddle under your car, pay your local auto shop a visit, If you are in the Folsom area, stop by Shannon Family Automotive.