Engine Repair


Today’s engines are complex, computer-based combinations of mechanical and electrical components. Shannon Family Automotive’s technicians have been trained to understand this advanced technology and to stay current with the most complex engine systems, such as electrical and hybrid vehicles.

Should you experience major engine failure, have your Honda, Toyota, Lexus, ot Acura towed to Shannon Family Automotive in Folsom. The engines found in these vehicles are very well built with tight tolerances. They can be rebuilt and repaired as opposed to requiring replacement. Replacement is an option and is sometimes the most cost-effective solution to major engine problems, but many engines can be repaired, therefore eliminating the need for a complete engine replacement.

We can service or repair: crank shaft bearings, connecting rod bearings, oil pumps, oil pump seals, cylinder head gaskets, valves, rear main seals, and more.

Should a replacement engine be necessary, rest assured that when Shannon Family Automotive installs a used engine, such as a 30,000-mile engine from Japan, we will also perform all necessary adjustments and maintenance, lubricate it properly, replace the front and rear crank shaft main seals, replace the cam shaft oil seal, replace the balancer shaft seal, replace the distributor o-ring (when needed), and replace the valve cover gasket as part of the job. If necessary we will also replace the water pump and thermostat. This attention to detail will ensure your newly installed engine will perform better than you’d expected. By handling these services at the time of installation, Shannon Family Automotive will save you time and money.

If you have concerns about the condition or performance of your vehicle’s engine, bring your vehicle to Shannon Family Automotive and have one of our expert technicians look over the most important and complex part of your vehicle. Contact us for an appointment.

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